NSFW - Halloween Inktober

A bunch of sketches drawn on the back of various important administrative papers.

Mythos Screen Prints

Lovecraft themed screen prints made collaboratively with Florian Thomasset.
From top left : Ithaqua, Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Yig, then down left we have Bokrug, Hastur, Azathoth and a ghoul from the abyss.

Anurognathus chasing a neuropteran

(A very speculatively fluffy) Anurognathus, chasing after an undefined species of neuropteran. I am really not sure about the orientation of the digits here, or the legs and lower body proportions in general. My understanding of pterosaur anatomy is not yet what i'd like it to be, yet, this was a really fun exercise.

(again, basing myself on the reconstructions of Jaime Headden )


Among pterosaurs, anurognathids are quite intriguing and I really wanted to try drawing one! The head is based on Jaime Headden's skull reconstruction of Anurognathus ammoni as well as his full skeletals (which are pretty awesome).I'm really not sure how accurate this is but I'm quite certain this level of fluffiness is widely extravagant. Call him/her "Flufface"